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MG Gundam Exia 1/100
MG Gundam Exia 1/100
MG Gundam Exia 1/100
MG Gundam Exia 1/100
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    MG Gundam Exia 1/100

      - The first MG from Mobile Suit Gundam: 00, this long-awaited kit delivers on every level!
      - Thanks to advances in kit design, the inner frame moves along with the outer armor to recreate the Exia's unique range of motion!
      - GN Condensers on the arms/chest/legs are double-layered, clear plastic to reproduce the look of real lenses, giving it a more accurate appearance.
      - Each GN Code piece throughout the body of the Exia is recreated in clear plastic to mimic the look of the Suit in the anime!
      - Includes custom marking seals and Gundam Decals.
      - Includes GN Code decal sheet.
      - GN drive completely reproduced. As with in the anime, the GN Drive can be removed- stand included to hold the Drive while it's not with the Exia.

      - Accessories: GN Sword x1, GN Long Blade x1, GN Short Blade x1, GN Beam Dagger x2,
      GN Beam Saber x2, GN Shield x1, 1/100 Setsuna F. Seiei figure x1