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HGUC #161 Zogok (Unicorn Ver) 1/144
HGUC #161 Zogok (Unicorn Ver) 1/144
HGUC #161 Zogok (Unicorn Ver) 1/144
HGUC #161 Zogok (Unicorn Ver) 1/144
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    HGUC #161 Zogok (Unicorn Ver) 1/144


      HGUC model kit of the updated One Year War era amphibious Zogok MS! Updated from a classic One Year War era design, Mobile Suit Gundam UC's Zogok has been recreated as a detailed High Grade kit. Recreate Gundam UC episode 4's impressive battle scene using the variety of weapons and gimmicks equipped on this suit! Built during the One Year War for the assault on Jaburo base, the amphibious MSM-08 Zogok was built for close-quarters combat, and is armed with a variety of weapons, including the unique Boomerang Cutter: 


      ■ Mono Eye camera is mounted on a movable ball joint. Screen reproduced in clear plastic.

      ■ Blade part of the Heat Saber can be represented with grey or clear elements.

      ■ Recreate the signature “Rocket Punch” attack using parts replacement techniques.

      ■ All 10 Boomerang Cutters are removable from head.

      ■ Two Sturm Faust rockets mount at the waist.

      ■ Richly detailed backpack and vernier thrusters.

      ■ Highly detailed and articullated snapfit kit,

      ■ Molded in multiple colors with stickers for markings. 


      Accessories: Heat Saber (Clear Blade, Grey Blade), Sturm Faust x2, Boomerang Cutter x10, Rod Arm x2, Fist (Left, Right), Grip Manipulator (Left, Right)