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30MM #019 eEXM-17 Alto (Land Battle Spec) [Brown] 1/144

    30MM #019 eEXM-17 Alto (Land Battle Spec) [Brown] 1/144


      Bandai brings us their 30MM eEXM-17 Alto (Ground Warfare Ver.) in Brown! This 30MM (Thirty Minutes Missions) kit from Bandai builds into a ground warfare version of the Alto! Molded in tan plastic, you can build it as a bipedal robot or a tank; it features new equipment like a backpack with a cover, and a reconfigurable bazooka is also included. The additional parts can also be installed in the Portanova. Get yours today!


      [Includes]: Backpack for land battle/armor (1 set), bazooka, stickers for markings


      A remodeling type for local battles, Alto (land battle specification) appears in the 30MM series!

      ■ Tank form can be changed to your own preference.
      ■ New equipment such as a backpack with a cover for land battle and Massi Breg are included.
      ■ Comes with a reconfigurable bazooka.
      ■ Additional parts can also be installed in Porta Nova.

      ■ Backpack for army / Armor x 1 set
      ■ Bazooka x1