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HGUC Todesritter (Hades) 1/144
HGUC Todesritter (Hades) 1/144
HGUC Todesritter (Hades) 1/144
HGUC Todesritter (Hades) 1/144
HGUC Todesritter (Hades) 1/144
HGUC Todesritter (Hades) 1/144
HGUC Todesritter (Hades) 1/144
HGUC Todesritter (Hades) 1/144
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    HGUC Todesritter (Hades) 1/144


      From the episode "Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden Missing Link" recorded in the game software "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories"

      The Pale Rider has been captured by the Zeon Army and has undergone a large-scale renovation.

      Three-dimensional Torris Ritter with completely new modeling, equipped with various gimmicks!

      In addition to reproducing the characteristic body shape, it is equipped with gimmicks such as sub-arm deployment on the shoulder and incom injection mounted on the backpack.

      [Body Shape]

      The renovation from "Pale Rider" for 10 years in the play is reproduced with completely new modeling.

      Faithfully reproduce every detail from the head antenna to the increased thrusters on the legs and toes.

      [Shoulder / Sub Arm]

      Three-dimensional shoulder with built-in sub-arm.The sub arm can reproduce the deployed state without replacement.

      In addition, the arm can be equipped with a hyper beam saber.


      Reproduce a large backpack equipped with a central sub generator, 6 vernier, left and right thruster binders and a propellant tank.

      The 6 incoms provided in the thruster binder can be removed to reproduce the injection state with lead wires.

      Comes with various weapons strengthened by renovation!

      Reproduce the weapons diverted from Neo Zeon MS with new modeling.

      [Hyper Knuckle Buster]

      High-power shooting armament diverted from "Ga Zoum" in the play.


      A shield diverted from "Bow".Even the relief of the Neo Zeon army is precisely reproduced.

      [Beam Saber]

      Can be stored in the forearm.

      It is possible to reproduce the appearance when HADES is activated!

      The normal state and HADES activation state can be reproduced by selecting a clear molded visor and seal.

      Comes with a visor in two colors, clear green and clear red!

      [Attached Armament]

      • Hyper Knuckle Buster
      • Hyper Beam Saber
      • Beam Saber
      • Incom
      • Shield