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30MM #005 bEMX-15 Portanova [Dark Gray] 1/144

    30MM #005 bEMX-15 Portanova [Dark Gray] 1/144


      Bandai brings us a new lineup of endlessly customizable, easy-to-build mecha model kits with 30 Minutes Missions (30MM)! Representing mass-produced robots, these kits are perfect for army-building and feature a common joint system so parts can easily be switched between the different types of units. Each kit builds into a highly posable figure with armor; in addition, the armor parts are equipped with hard points to attach weapons.


      The bEMX-15 Portanova is presented here in dark gray, with parts included for a weapon. Order yours today!


      Includes the Portanova in dark gray only. Other items in the video below are sold separately

      Mass production machine fans, stand up! 

      BANDAI SPIRITS original robot plastic model series with a simple structure and easy to assemble, from "30 MINUTES MISSIONS", "bEXM-15 Porta Nova [dark gray]" appeared in 1/144 scale. 

      ■ Intuitive, easy-to-understand runner arrangement and simple parts configuration. Approximately 80 parts easy! 

      ■ Easy to assemble, so many can be made! I want to collect a lot! 

      ■ Deploy multiple color variations in the same aircraft. You can enjoy your favorite coloring without painting. 

      ■ We adopt joint structure common to series. It is possible to change units and replace parts even between different aircraft. 

      ■ Customization is possible by hard point of 3mm axis provided in each place! 

      ■ Armed with short rifle and knuckle guard. 

      ■ Equipped with a backpack equipped with hard points. 

      ■ One small-sized support mechanism "Roy Roy" which can be united with the main body is attached. 



      ■ Rifle × 1 

      ■ Icon mechanism × 1 

      ■ Backpack × 1 

      ■ Knuckle × 1 


      [Product contents] 

      ■ Molded parts × 4 

      ■ Marking seal × 1 

      ■ Manual × 1